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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

At the clinic

The reason for my visit..
There's an alien life force within me .

And cat wants me to follow the doctors orders .. Ugh! 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Happiness is...

Being appreciated .


I guess that says all..
My dad and cat says I need to go see a doctor .
I just want to pass out right now .

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Yay! Soo happy!

So yeah I kinda splurged a while ago and my damage is 3,599 and I had 1000 left on hand.

I bought this headphone because I really like it :) too bad there wasn't any red or pink so purple had to do 
I need colour in my life so this is really nice.

Anyway, with my 1k..
I gambled and I'm happy to have won 9,500. I gave my mom 2k from my winnings . :)
It's really nice to share your blessings .

At first I lost with my 500 but I played hot shots with my remaining 500 and won 2k.. So my strategy was to cash out my moolah if my winnings would reach over 1k . So everytime I jut got over 1k I pull out and play the 500 that I had till the 500 runs out and then I'll quit while I'm ahead.

I transferred machine and looked for a different one each time I cash out. Soo yeah.. I'm ahead by 9500 and went home before 2 am :) 

Hello bank :)

And yeah I am going to buy that yellow  Nike sports band .. :)

Can't wait to show cat my new headphones :) 
I'm really happy that I buy my own stuffs 
I gotta control myself and resist buying those shoes that I want.. Can I be able to resist? Yiiii!!!
We'll see.. Maybe I'll buy them tomorrow .. Maybe I won't .. We'll see..

Aaaaahhhh!!!! I'm happy..

Also Cats mom likes me :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Finally bought my purple headphones :)
I'm getting splurgy these days.
So okay.. I'm mostly spending my money on trips and ack!!! 
I saw new shoes!
Damn.. Shoes I don't know where to wear so I won't buy em but they are on sale.. Eeek! Have to think about it.. 
Yiiii so many things to buy for Xmas pressies for my family ..
Hmmm..  Going to go gambling tonight who knows..


What am I going to get myself for Christmas..?
I really want those purple headphones ..
But I don't want to splurge too much on it.
It costs near 4k at the mall..
Plus there's this Nike sports band that I my friend is selling and giving me a discount since he has a bunch of it and is selling the rest. So instead of 3.2k he's selling it to me for 1.7k
I really want those purple headphone . 
But the discount on the other item is too good to pass up.. 
Gadgets ! 
So I don't know yet..
I told my friend I was going to take the sports band but he won't be able to show up today to drop it off..
If I change my mind later and decide to buy the headphones I'll just message him that I changed my mind?
I still don't know what else I want to buy but I can buy other things like clothes or something..
Eeek! As if I don't have enough clothes already.. But I want new ones ..
We'll see.. I gotta walk to the mall in a while.. I just need to get out a bit 


  Some people I know are worrying that they don't have a social life .
I on the other hand am comfortable with just being alone and away from the social world but the social world right now is pestering me .
About two hours ago .. That's like midnight my time , one of my friends called me up to join him and his friends to Timog Quezon City to party. Uhmm I declined .
About an hour later he called up again to introduce me to his friends via phone and asked me to meet up later during the morning . I said okay. 
Now not more than 5 mins ago he said they were going to pass by my condo.
Ugh! Cat isn't going to like this one bit.
It's really late at night.. I mean damn actually it's too early . It's just 2:12 am !
I am in no condition to party or meet people because I'm sleepy.
In a little while they would call up again. They have been drinking.
I do hope they would just go home instead . I mean we can meet up later when they are all sober already.
Ha making me meet all his single guy friends. 
But damn I'm sleepy .
I'm in no mood to meet guys right now .
Besides car would not be happy about this.
He's becoming jealous lately..
I mean okay.. He said he would t care about other men if he wasn't interested in me but he is. 
Ahhh.. My romantic life is so difficult ..
Anyway.. The deal was I can still meet other people .. Hmmm..
Well I'm
Not doing anything wrong. 
I'll just have to info him about this? 
Or should I just say nothing?
Oh well.. He would know about this anyway since I'm going to tell him .
Can't really keep secrets from him besides I like our relationship.. This is the kinda where we're open and honest to each other . 
Biases I'm
Interested only in him and no one else . 
He should t get jealous..
I on the other hand.. Am jealous 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Contract signing ..

Everything went well .
I think I'm just going to die from all that good food .
I lost count of the number of dishes that were in the table.
More than 13 I guess.
Make that a 5 course meal with 3 different desserts . 
*goans*but food was good.
The number of people present were atleast 15 I think.
Not in the picture obviously since I'm the one taking the picture .. And the rest weren't in the room .

Oh good food.. Let me count thee..
But uhmm I need to starve myself again after tonight .
Location: Emerald Garden (Chinese restaurant )

Uhmm I don't know what this is called .
Service tea 
Soup (what kind? I forgot)
Shrimp salad. (Yummy!)
Rice (I forgot it's name on the menu)
Crab or what's left of it when it reached my side of the table 
Century egg
Baby corn with broccoli and monkey ears ( don't exactly know what's it called in English but it's not really monkey ears lol)
Sticky rice
Chicken with valenciana and kropek 
Peach and almond jelly
Honey taro cake 
Four seasons .. (I took a pic of the drink of the guy seated next to me that I forgot to take a pic of my green mango shake )
Fresh fishes .. I guess two of them ended up being cooked and served on our table .
Food was really good..

Monday, November 24, 2014


Contract signing tomorrow .
I'm so excited !
I'll get to wear my Charles and Keith shoes somewhere worthy.
I think we're going to dine at The Emerald Garden if I am not mistaken.
Great food!
And then on Wednesday ...
I'm dreading Wednesday but I gotta face Wednesday..
I hope to bring good news to my mom.
Saturday I'm going home.
My friends are kinda disappointed I won't be able to go on that trip with the gang but hey.. I can go next year.. With my mom and aunt :)

My dad pretty is upset about me going on my trips with people they don't know.
But hey.. I'm young and free and single and well.. Uhmm cat is really not liking who I was with either.

I really have a lot of shopping to do before I fly back home.

I already had the monstrance picked up today to be donated to a church in Bicol. 

I did my chores today and have the frozen meat .. All 40 kilos of them picked up.. Damn! If I didn't make friends with the vendors on the streets I would have broken my back .

Oh well good business.. 
That's going to help pay for my condo.

Hmmm I still have things to worry about when I go back home. Like decorating.
I want a sort of white Christmas but with native materials and maybe some huge assed decors and crystals . I need to buy crystals to string and hang.

Ugh! Still have to find things to complete my Christmas shopping. 
I'll be back in Manila on January.

The only problem with January is that.. I really don't like a desk job anymore ..
I want to move around and not sit on the desk and face the computer the whole day. I mean sure I really was liking the item that I was waiting for for like so long but thinking about being glued in an office kinda makes me feel ... Stuck! 

I want to move and travel around as much as I can and own my time like my mom. 

Learning her business is a bit tough but I like that idea that she owns here time .