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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Utterly exhausted !

Damn.. Okay so I had to reactivate my fb account.. D made me do it. 
So tired ...
Anyway I have a new friend..
Make that new friends..

All for my unborn kid..
Oh well..
Someone has to play with these things sometime in the future :)
I'm too tired to write anything else tonight..
Maybe next time ..*sighs*


My body hurts from all that hiking (sort of hiking) in the city .
My friend D is here till Thursday and I'm going to hang around with her till she flies home.

It's a good change.
I like D very much and yes I did have a girl crush on her back in 2005.
We met when I was 13 but she was a frosh in high school and I was a year older than she is so we didn't interact then but in law school we were classmates and it was surprising in how we got along well with each other.
So yes .. I treasure this friendship with her . It's rare for me to have a friend like her... You know.. The sort who I am very comfortable with. She is practically like family. My parents treats her like family and her family..parents..siblings.. Uncles.. Aunts.. cousins.. And all ..treats me like family.

Oh gosh.. Guess I am going to have a busy time till Thursday.. 

More city hikes later I guess.. 

My body is all sore from all that walking.
Surprisingly my foot seems okay from all that walking. As long as I have it bandaged tight and if I walk semi tiptoes.. it doesn't hurt..
D kinda laughed and teased me I walk in a funny way tippy-toeing most of the time  even since before . What can I say? I'm used to have my feet arched around and I'm not used to wearing running shoes (wearing that gifted running shoes was the cause of this "happy feet" tragedy )

So... Today.. We are going to divisoria..

Okay.. Before I go.. I'll just watch outlander episode 6 first *sighs* 
Love this show :) 

Monday, September 15, 2014


Binondo's Chinatown located in Manila,Philippines is the oldest Chinatown in the world, established in 1594. (Wikipedia )

I'm exhausted., 

I need to just edit this later /tomorrow... 

Anyway, we went to china town today.

So may pictures to post and 

Uhmm not this .. Bad picture . I look fat.. Ugh! I'm depressed with how I look because I look fat .

Anyway... Sighs I'm too tired to think /write..
More later I guess. 
Good night world

Movie of the day: the giver

So I just arrived home from being dragged around by my good friend D.  
Anyway I'll talk more about that later. 

I'm tired and I'm hungry ..
So good thing I bought this :)
Yay!! Watermelon ;)

Anyway the movie of the day is The Giver.  Years ago ... One of my exes gave me a book with the same title .
It was a book given to him by one of his friends and in turn he gifted it to me. 
I still have that book but it's back home. 
Anyway.. I lent it to my friend D and she loved te book as much as I did. She in turn bought herself a book like the one my c gave me and shared it with her cousin but yeah her cousin didn't return it.. Anyway, after lunch we started viewing this movie but we never got to finish it since we had to go somewhere.. Right now I am going to watch the movie from the very beginning .

I hope the movie is as good as the book is. I'll try to write my thoughts about it later.. Hopefully.


Somehow.. I am not happy with the movie . This is somehow different from how I had pictured it out in my head how it should be. I don't feel like pointing out what the flaws are but I am left disappointed. 

With that said.. I like the book better than the film. Somehow the magic of the book is lost when it was converted to film.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Late evening argument. Ugh!

Was in an argument with my dad..
It's about me practicing my Filipino because up until now I'm still horrible in speaking my national language :(

He tried to communicate with me in Filipino and made fun of me and it was so annoying that I ended up screaming . It wasn't nice and he just kept laughing at me.

I also told him about the two guys that I "was" entertaining.. 
Notice the past tense.
It's not a wonder why I am still single.
I know if I would like a person or not very early in our interactions.
It's the intuition thing.
Oh well..
Papa said to forget about those "Tagalogs" (he was referring to Manila Men).
He also told me something which I got angry /upset about. He was teasing me again ugh!!! He said he still is rooting for Juan (Michael 1). WTF?!
That relationship is over.
Juan is happy with someone else and that's that. 
It's life.
So anyway.. I screamed at my dad on the phone telling him to stop it! He just laughed at me. Damn! He knows how to push my buttons to make me feel like this. I yelled at my dad and told him to forget about it because his daughter is perpetually going to be a spinster!

With my luck with men? 
It's a nobrainer.

The issue with men who are around is that they pick the wrong topics. How many bfs I had in the past?
It's a topic which one should not persistently ask someone who they just met.
Another fault of theirs is that here in the Philippines, women like me who are out of the calendar or nearly out if the calendar (what does that mean out of the calendar..? There are only 28-31 days in a month and women of this age are considered spinsters or desperate to marry).

.. Anyway, women who are nearly out of the calendar would just say okay to forever (marriage) with just any guy who takes pity on them. 

Do I look desperate ???
I'd rather not marry than to just get hitched to anyone who I barely know who offers to make me board the last train trip (last train trip.. To save me from this state of spinsterhood)

There is no divorce in my country and I particularly am not in favor of divorce even if there was divorce here. 
My parents are in their "forever " state.. 34 years of marriage and still are married.
My grandparents on both sides stayed married. I don't know much about my dads side of the tree since my dad never actually talks much about his family but I'm sure my great grandparents on his side of the tree stayed married.
On my moms side of the family my gray grand parents stayed married too .
And yes.. The great great grand folks stayed married too.. The great3x grand folks died together when their galleon traders ship sank.. So yes they stayed married till they died ..

I want a "forever ".. A till death do you part" kind of thing . Not the "I'll stay with you till I don't want to or don't feel like it anymore" .

As I have traced up the history of my direct ascendants .. No one remarried again when their spouse died earlier than they did. 
My grandma was widowed during her midlife and she could have remarried if she wanted to but she didn't . Grandma was very pretty.. She lived till she was nearly 90 . I miss you Lola (Lola means grandmother in Filipino)

Anyway , other than that stupid teasing..
Papa and I discussed politics and the news.

Weather here is horrible btw.
I didn't know it was raining hard here before I went down earlier to buy dinner. So yeah I got drenched . And yes.. I looked like a drowned rat but I don't care how I look right now. 

I don't care about men right at this moment. I do miss someone but I gave him a reprieve so he's excused.

Reminiscing ...

2009 with friends..   
We were celebrating our friends birthdays  and had this huge room to ourselves.. All 10 of us.
Rexus , Arthur, Deza, Elaine, Ferdinand, Maycil, Nonoy Raul, Henry, Nestor and me :)
 It was really crazy :p

It was a seafoods galore night.
And yeah.. Obviously .. Karaoke ^.^

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Another movie :) The Book Thief

I should try to find this book next time.
I usually read te book first before watching the movie.

It's nice to compare the book and the movie .

This one is a war drama.
Still a drama like the anime that I watched this morning.

I do hope there won't be any more world wars though. I do hate war .

Speaking of wars..
I used to pester my grandma when she was alive about war stories. The ones she had experienced during the Japanese era .. 
I wonder how I would have fared if I was born during that time.
Could I have survived life then?
Hiding up in the mountains..
Constantly moving from place to place.
Hiding from the Japanese.

My great grandfather was then the only judge in the region who had an operational court during the war.
I remember that my grandma told me that the prisoners voluntarily went along wherever my great grandpa and his family went. 

I miss my grandma..
Damn. . Thinking about missing my grandma made me depressed :( 

I really like this movie .
It's touching ..
I really should try to find a copy of this book .

The usual problem

I have been struggling with my weight since.. Well ever since my teens.
I have never been actually overweight but nearly . My weight now is just right for my age and height but for years I have always been struggling .. Starving myself then binge . Not very healthy.

Starve and binge .
Starve and binge.
Starve and binge .

Partly it's been one of the reasons of my being depressed. 
Anyway, I have been on the "binge" and it caused me nothing but an upset tummy.

I guess I shall try to eat something healthy? 
I don't want to look like a skeleton though and I noticed if I just eat just right like a month or so ago.. I visibly lost weight. 

About  14lbs in a few weeks.
And since I became depressed for like a month ago.. I gained 4 lbs . That isn't good. 

I guess I need to put some effort to buying healthy food that builds up muscles. Eggs would be good. And I guess I'll have to buy rice to cook here instead of buying already cooked ones.
Soft boiled eggs ..
Grilled chicken..
Uhmm.. Salmon?
Well I'll have to scratch out fish because the fishes here in Manila aren't fresh .
I wonder how long I can maintain this..
I'm just going to have lentils for lunch and a shake.

As for excercise ..
Well I really don't like to run or whatever..
I do however like to dance.
But my foot hurts..
I found out that if I just arch my foot it doesn't hurt but if I flatten them it hurts like crazy. So I guess I'll just always be on my toes? lol

Movies of the day : samurai x OVA


I am a fan of this anime and I have only seen this once for so many years and I didn't have a copy of this because I only borrowed the cd before from someone I know and I wanted to view this again because the drama of this show is something that I found quite appealing ..
It's a good thing I have recently got hold of a copy.

So.. Who do I like better between Kenshin's love interest?
Tomoe or  Kaoru ?
It's difficult to choose but I find myself drawn to Tomoe. 
Somehow the dying part because of love appeals to me. 
Kaoru is appealing because she is pure and naive . I can't really relate..
But overall in this show it shows that there are different kinds of love and that love grows. 
You can't exactly say who Kenshin loves more. Probably he loves both women differently but equally . Is that even possible? 
They both were someone who he loves but during a different phase in his life.
I guess it's an unfair question as to who he loves more. 
Hmm I should think more about this.

Yay food!

Thanks mama..
I was out but yay! Atleast ma remembered me.
I really don't like eating much when alone but I do like just drinking this.. 
I know .. Most would think it's just for dieting but this is just for me to get the right nutrients when I don't feel like eating .
In some way.. It did help me out to lose my weight though.. I don't have any complaints . 
It does taste good since it's chocolate .. 
It's better than me drinking soda since I find it hard to just drink plain water.

Anyway.. This is good .