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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Weirded out..

I don't know how long I slept but I just woke up and it's nearly 2am.

I remember having this dream I had a little while ago.. It's just weird so I'll just have to note it down while it's still fresh and I can still remember it.

In my dream I was in a dark classroom and my favorite terror teacher Atty. R. was teaching law . It was weird that the room was dark. I was seated at the back of the room as usual and on my right say Michael 1. He was attending class with me and I guess he was my classmate since he had a law book with him too. So weird. Anyway I didn't want to talk to him I just felt his presence.. Saw him.. Felt him beside me .. 

The professor was asking the students to recite and so I tried to flip to the page where the professor asked as to read and explain . I might be asked so I tried to scan where that pageight be but it was dark. Try as I might I couldn't  see any numbers . M1 seems to know where that page was so I asked him to look for that page for me since I can't see any numbers in the dark.
He obliged and looked for it and when he found it returned the book to me.
I didn't want to recite since I felt blank .. My head was blank. I didn't even know what subject this was and I wasn't familiar with the book and the book was strange .. It's hard to describe how the pages are.  I tried to read.. Nothing came to mind..
So I tried hiding by leaning my body forward on the chair .. Sort of draping myself  in a way as to not be seen ..
Then from the corner of my eye I saw (and felt ) M1 put his left hand on my waist . I wanted to tell him to remove it . No words came out. 

Strange dream.. 
Eventually he had to remove it since I stood up and went out of the room .

I'm tired and sleepy . 
I don't want to dream about anything this eve.,

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dinner with mom :)

This evening we went out to eat dinner :)
Mom wants me to be aired out..
No sun for me today though..a was busy running around due to work.
We went to Max's .
I like the chicken there and I actually like the food there . Simple food. 

I was checking out the cakes and saw this Gilas thingy.. I have no idea what it is but it has something to do with basketball.. I really am not into basketball . Maybe if someone I was with is into basketball then I might be interested but I'm really not into that sports..
With or without cat I'm into Red Sox.. I'm a baseball fan .. What can I say? But yeah.. The Red Sox aren't doing so well this year.. Still.. The games are exciting whenever my Internet is fast enough to view their games on (thanks to Cats subscription.. I get to watch those games )

The cakes are.. Uhmm I found it a bit expensive and the cake rolls are small.. I wanted UBE cake roll but decided against buying.. Ma said that we check at Red Ribbons (a cake shop ).

What are these names on stars?
The Gilas players I suppose..
Makes me wonder why their surnames are foreign .. Filipino Aliens? 
Uhmm whatever ..
The caramel bars here are good though.. :)

Ma playing with her iPad mini while we were waiting for our food .
Potato salad.. Uhmm it looks so tiny..
Anyway, tiny is good I suppose.. I have to watch how much food I eat.. But then again it's my cheat day... I stuffed myself with food today because I really haven't eaten solids for a bit.. Atleast not more than once a day .. And today was cheat day.. Tomorrow I shall go back to liquids again. I can't let myself go talk sideways.. :( I'd look fat and fugly and I won't like myself if I became that.. I mean .. I was fat before and I want to not be like that again...I don't want to be neck less :( and ugly... And ewwww...
I have been really eww since law school and I'm liking go I look nowadays..

I just need to lose another 15 lbs.
:( it's really difficult .
Mom had this.. Rice, chicken and a caramel bar.. Soft drinks included :)
I had the fiesta platter .. The difference is that I had the fresh lumpia (fresh spring roll).

Food was good.. Simple and good.
I'm not really into sauces and whatnot .. Simple is good enough.
And yeah.. I was happy..

After dinner we went to the mall to buy cake but we got sidetracked ..
I shopped for lingerie .. Studded mid corset :) and a few other items .. mom approved :) love you mama.. 

So yeah I'm being yelled at to make tea..
Best to get that done...
Maybe well buy cake tomorrow :)

Luncheon ^.^

Oohh I hope this series is good..
Now viewing Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

And yeah I'm hungry..
So KFC it is.. 
I wish they had lasagna though it that Sbarro was just downstairs like KFC.
But then again I'll grow really fat if Sbarros was just an elevator ride away from my apartment ^.^

Movie of the day: Gone with the Wind

Vain still ^.^

Atleast I have something to eat.. I mean drink .. 
It's really difficult for me to find something I want to eat since I don't know what I want to eat.. Ugh!
I do need to see some sun ..
Actually my mom said I need to be aired out since I rarely go out of the apartment.. I really don't feel like socializing. I think socializing last summer and a few months back can get me through the remaining part of the year ..
It's not my fault I like being alone .
My classmates are wondering where I'm off to most of the time since I barely hang around with them anymore .
Oh well.. 
There's time to be alone and there's time to hang out and I really prefer to be alone most times ..

Besides.. I really don't like to hang out to go drinking and when we do go out it's usually drinking and it dulls my senses and I prefer to not have my senses dull. I'm living far away from my home turf and I don't like to be wandering around in this  city at odd hours . Safety first before fun.


I must have been a nice friend...
Somehow people have been emailing me .. Noticing that my Facebook account is gone...

And the ones I am surprised to hear from are blue and fox.

Btw fox already dropped on the mail his bday pressie for me.. It took a long time but who am I to say no? It's for an occasion which was my bday and well no... I didn't feel like being bought. 
He did ask me to send him a pic of me wearing the cap though.. Yeah kinda like the pic of the dodgers cap I was wearing last time the one my uncle gave me as a pressie ..

So.. I would have two baseball caps soon.. One of dodgers and one of rangers.

The Red Sox cap which my aunt from Boston sent me must have been lost in the mail or one of my distant relatives must have taken a fancy to it and so it never reached me.

Hmm .. Maybe I should start a baseball cap collection? I'm not sure if I have friends from each state who have baseball teams ..

I'm not sure I know anyone from New York lol cat won't be happy if I wear a Yankees cap 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Insurance thingy..

Helping my mom out with her paperwork..
I blurred out the names of the dead people..
Its scary how much the company pays each year..
The premium is atleast twice the amount paid by the clients but that would be a loss against the company to pay half of the premium to the clients since they still have to pay agents and taxes and office workers , managers, etc..
They win some year and some years they dont..

Dear Blue ^.^

I don't know if you found this blog site or my old ones.. Anyway, I am only going to be gone from FB for some months but eventually I'll re activate :)

Blue has been my friend from xanga. I was probably atleast 19 or 20 at that time and he just had graduated from high school.

He was the first one who invited me to FB.. During that time FB was by invite only and mostly the users were from the US only so I wasn't able to register till 2009 (if I am
Not mistaken).

It's really a nice feeling that after over a decade that I still have someone who I am friends with made me feel in a way important . That I am not forgotten . That I in a way matter . 

I am grateful to have such a friend and it's really amazing how even if we don't interact on a daily basis , the friendship still remains.

Fricking happy with this series :)

It makes me happy to have a pocketbook come out to life ^.^ sort of..
*blissfully happy*


Monday, August 25, 2014

Negative pregnant

I'm supposed to go shopping this evening ..
But I keep throwing up ..
I don't know what is wrong with me :(
I feel horrible..
It's been like this since Saturday . I can't keep my food down so that leaves the nutrition drink .. Atleast I don't throw that up.

Argh! I really hate being in this state .
I should try to sleep this off.

I feel so stressed out about something but I don't know what I'm stressed out about. 

I wanted to go eat lasagna today but ugh!!! I want lasagna... 
I miss lasagna..
I don't care if I'll gain a bit of weight from that.. I miss lasagna...


Hmmm .. Cat is a bad influence I keep saying damn..
I am having a bad day.. :(
Although I do want to communicate...
With myself that is..
I wonder if this is true ..
I think it is...
Sooo opposite from cat..

So frickin different from each other ..
Doesn't that make is good as a whole?
If we have kids , our kids would think were crazy.. 
But crazy is good... Crazy isn't boring..

Would I ever have a kid?
I'm starting to feel a bit melancholic right now.. I really want children ..
He already has names picked out for his kids..I'm really bad at naming..

I want to have kids soon..
Im not getting any younger .
My biological clock is screaming at me.