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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Still drunk

Damn... This is becoming non stop ..
I haven't been here even 24 hours but the drinking is non stop . Eeek!


This just feels awful awful awful to have this headache . Im never going to drink again .

Atleast not tonight .
Saving it for tomorrow .

Going to a pool party or something .


It's 7;49 am and we're still drinking eek!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Off on a trip :)

Edit 11:37 pm
Bus stop 

12:28 boys are asleep 

Hangover still

Came home drunk last night ...
2 days straight drunk .
Still a bit drunk at this hour :(

Anyway.. Came home yesterday morning drunk at 9 something am.
 Had to sleep for a couple of hours and then went to the office to attend trick or treating. Actually we were the trick not the treat.

It was fun scaring children. Eeek! Some cried .
At first they thought things were a great and the office was wonderful with bubbles and all.. Fairyland.,. But at the connecting room that's were the monsters (office people in face paint/costumes) were like scaring the lil kids .
Yeah I know I don't look scary but since the room is dark with just a few candles on.. and you just scream and wail and graze your hands on their legs or hands as the pass by , they just get scared easily.
This kids costume is just plain awesome.
She had no reason to be scared sinces she's wearing the more scarier outfit .
Anyway I just had to take a pic with her. Luckily her daddy was nice enough to allow me to a take a selfie with her.

.. Anyway..

Last night I was flooded with compliments from my guy friends who were drunk as hell.
My former classmates from back in 2009 were like making my ears grow big.
I was really flattered but at the same time embarrassed.

So that was why everyone knew me.. 
I haven't any clue as to how they viewed me. But now.. Wow.. I don't know how to really react to it. Okay I'm
Very flattered I mean who wouldn't be?
I had no idea.
Most of the time I would be like jealous with a friend because everytime a guy would approach me back then there it was to ask me to help him out with my female friend there at the review center.
So what did I do?
I helped them out .

So I was really clueless.
I unknowingly was their gf .. But that was just in their heads.
They said they only attended the review center at UP just to see me when they actually had another review center.
So as he described to me last night the way how they saw me before in 2009 when we first met at QC .. I was this female who was friends with everybody. Someone who was easy to love . Wow really? Someone who is really beautiful and doesn't know it and is clueless that everyone has a crush on her . (Thanks bro. Now I know)

The problem they said is that I am friends with everyone and always was surrounded by a lot of people. So they didn't know how to approach me.
It wouldn't have mattered if anyone did  anyway.. I had a bf back then even if he wasn't tangible. There was this label of a sort of commitment atleast on my part  but anyway.. What would have I done if I wasn't in a relationship back then and someone was brave enough to .. You know..  I don't know.. I have no idea ..
So I'm the prettiest there? Lol
That sounds so funny. 
I dont think I was .
I had girl crushes there. They were sexier slimmer and not chubby like me.

But it was really flattering hearing from the guys that I had that something they couldn't describe . That I was different.. And easy to love  because according to them I was nice to everyone . Very friendly . Greeted everyone always .
Hmm I guess they like my personality better than the way how I look eh?
"Don't you know how beautiful you are?" One of them told me that last night. 
Uhmmm all I can see are my flaws actually.
It was surprising to hear that they don't think of me as fat when I obviously am.
It was a bit weird to get that many praises. It's just strange to have a topic like that.. I mean dude I am happy to be complimented upon but a whole doj pot of heavy compliments raining upon me is just so embarrassing. 
I am not so used to that. 
What could I do?
I just said thank you .
But damn that was embarrassing.
So then no one approached me because ..? They just didn't know how to approach me? Hmm what did he say? I'm the girl who everyone would look at and fantasize about?  What????!!
That when I go inside a room they would in their heads disrobe me? Gaaaahhh! Icky!
That doesn't sound like a compliment at all. I just laughed that one off. I mean I guess that's just normal for guys to do. Whatever they have in their heads as long as they don't do anything physically towards me they are entitled to to their own thoughts and fantasies.

Uhmmm they thought of undressing me?
Sorry boys..

Anyway.. I should be happy to atleast not be disrespected and everyone was just nice . I was treated nicely despite that undressing thing up in their heads . I didn't know about that anyway.
Thinking is definitely different than doing.and uhmm yeah... I'm still drunk..
Gotta go back to sleep . I need to pack up my stuffs later. I'm going on a trip with the guys.
Cat isn't happy with who I'm going there with. In fact he wants to kill the guy.
This is going to be a long trip.
I'll be going tomorrow eve (the 28th) and going to be back on the 6th.

Yay! Happiness . This is a loooong trip.
I live for trips .
:) thank you Lord for the chance . 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Fuckin wasted

Returned home at past 8am.
No one is going to say I returned home late when I came back home early ;)
Still have a hangover .

So the Caramoan trip is a bust but this other 8day trip must push through. I have to get tomorrow's sched.

Damn! Need to sleep before I go out and attend an office party today at lunch .


This is all crazy..
I am so amused at what my classmate told me.
So yeah I can't say or feel anything other than be amused .
So this one guy who was my classmate at UP before in 2009 told me while he was sodding drunk that I got many admirers before during that review and that since I was friends with everyone , they all didnt know how to approach me.
Anyway... I was literally unavailable then because I had a bf.

And well what I am really amused at tonight was what ____ told me tonight .
He announced to everyone (because he was soooooo frickin drunk) that he wanted to get into my pants. That's what he actually said "I want to get into your pants"
I just ruffled his hair and chuckled amused .

He told me that since this was the last night he was going to see me he wanted to tell me that.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Really unhappy today .
I'm freaking wanting to go away somewhere out of town like now!

Good thing my sched is booked on the 3rd to the 13th so I'm not going home yet .
Hoping to go to the pink sisters if the sched would allow it on the 1st .

I really want to go somewhere I haven't been before.

Anyway to kill my boredom I'm hanging here playing and trying to amuse myself.

Yes I'm here again at the hotel .


Just got invited by the guys for a party . Yes! Atleast something else to do to take my mind off things.. I'm going to drink my feeling bad away. Hope I can find my home later or maybe get myself laid just for the heck of it! 


Eeek! What the....??
Flooding of profile pic likes from one person?
Looks like all my profile pics since year 20-forgetten is being liked.