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Monday, November 24, 2014


Contract signing tomorrow .
I'm so excited !
I'll get to wear my Charles and Keith shoes somewhere worthy.
I think we're going to dine at The Green Garden if I am not mistaken.
Great food!
And then on Wednesday ...
I'm dreading Wednesday but I gotta face Wednesday..
I hope to bring good news to my mom.
Saturday I'm going home.
My friends are kinda disappointed I won't be able to go on that trip with the gang but hey.. I can go next year.. With my mom and aunt :)

My dad pretty is upset about me going on my trips with people they don't know.
But hey.. I'm young and free and single and well.. Uhmm cat is really not liking who I was with either.

I really have a lot of shopping to do before I fly back home.

I already had the monstrance picked up today to be donated to a church in Bicol. 

I did my chores today and have the frozen meat .. All 40 kilos of them picked up.. Damn! If I didn't make friends with the vendors on the streets I would have broken my back .

Oh well good business.. 
That's going to help pay for my condo.

Hmmm I still have things to worry about when I go back home. Like decorating.
I want a sort of white Christmas but with native materials and maybe some huge assed decors and crystals . I need to buy crystals to string and hang.

Ugh! Still have to find things to complete my Christmas shopping. 
I'll be back in Manila on January.

The only problem with January is that.. I really don't like a desk job anymore ..
I want to move around and not sit on the desk and face the computer the whole day. I mean sure I really was liking the item that I was waiting for for like so long but thinking about being glued in an office kinda makes me feel ... Stuck! 

I want to move and travel around as much as I can and own my time like my mom. 

Learning her business is a bit tough but I like that idea that she owns here time . 

McDonald stripe socks :)

Ohh can't resist this one 

#lovekoto :) 

^.^ happiness is... Cat

This is sweet :)
So okay I gotta forgive him for some typos.. After all I do commit typos too.  Besides he was sleepy.

Saturday, November 22, 2014




We are both miserable .
But in really in a way feeling a bit blessed that we have each other .
Times like these it makes life more bearable to atleast have someone who I can share my life with in a daily basis.
It's difficult but we're doing this with each other .
I'm thankful to have such a very understanding person in my life .

Friday, November 21, 2014

Uhmm.. No

 In my grief and panic of losing my fave scarf.. I searched it online and found that they sell scarves online like the one I lost so yeah I purchased one online and I'll pay cash upon delivery.

Anyway.. I was able to search for phones too and kindle and whatever ..
I wanted a kindle last year but now I dont . I can't install books that are fiction.. I might not be able to help myself and be lax about work and atudying if I have one. So no to that..

I just discovered the joy of shopping online.. Ugh.. Can't really shop for something huge now because I have to keep my money to buy the latest next year. Sighs ..
Yes yes I know I splurged out a couple of days ago.. Damn shopping.. 

Living here in Manila made me be a level up in being a buy monster . The shoes are putting a dent on my card. It's going to be the dent of me.

Even the earphones I want to buy have become more expensive .
So okay.. I can manage t buy an iPhone 5 looking at the Phil. Online shop uhmm no..
I can wait for the new one next year .

Hopefully with way better cams.

I'm sleepy.. Better get some skeep..

Lost scarf

I lost my favorite scarf :(
How ever would I find one like this again? :( 
I just bought it and there isn't any stock here anymore in the Philippines 
I want to cry!
I was bringing it everywhere with me since I bought it about a week or so agai..
*wails *
I want another one ! 
I want my scarf back!
I've been back tracking everywhere I went to this evening and I went out alone at midnight to just find it. My dad is going to kill me for doing such a stupid thing walking around at night out in the streets at this hour ..

I want my scarf back!

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Have to do something ..
So okay I'm bored .
The highlight of my day was talking to cat..
But as usual it was short but I'm thankful that he gave me time.
I feel blessed..
It has been a year and 7 months since we first interacted .
I like the constant in my life.
I'm always fleeting from one friendship to another so one constant person in my daily life other than family is a blessing.

He makes me happy..
Kinda bitter sweet though but happy nevertheless.
It's kinda nice ..
When I make him happy I feel happy..
And when he makes me happy he feels happy.

Kinda reminds me during those times that when I cry over something he tells me not to cry because he just wants me to be happy.

Damn.. I'm tearing over that thought and can't help but cry.. Happy tears of ourse .
He makes me happy..
And when he's not happy.. When he's feeling awful with stress and work.. I do try so hard to make him feel less awful..
I really like him that much.

It's funny..
With other people I can't really stick around doing that.. But when you really like someone.. It doesn't matter. What matters is the other persons happiness..
I don't know where this is going but so far everything is all good.. It's going to be 2 years before I know it..

I've never have been with anyone who was so opposite than I am but he is that.. In a lot of ways .. I guess we're doing great because no matter how opposite we are we complement each other..

He has a lot of work cut out for him though.. To make me more aware of politics and all.. 
Yiiii... I'm a dreamer and he's a realist..
But in some instances .. In some ways .. I'm more realistic in other things than he is.. So .. We both think we would do well with each other..


Shopping !!!

This and two others :) 
Black and brown..
I had to find something formal 
Yupperz! Had to have one of each colour.. When I like something I have to have every available colour .. So yeah three pairs of aerosoles shoes :)
Have to look decent  for the contract signing next week that means no wearing of skinny shorts.

Uhmm.. Just trying something out with my boots . Have to lose more weight.
Have to still find a cover up for this dress because it's too.. Uhmm indecent.

Oh also finally got myself to buy a couple of jeans from dickies . Have to return to the store later to have the excess inches cut off .

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Camera love

So okay.. On my wish list is wanting to have a better DSLR camera lens .. I was wanting to buy and nearly bought one but changed my mind .

I am still debating on just buying another headset. That would cut off my money a bit but yeah that would be my Xmas gift to myself . I am in love with that purple headset . Maybe I should check out in other better headsets..

Cat showed me his new iPhone 6.. The camera is awesome..
But I read that the iPhone 7 would be better camera wise so.. I'll just put that DSLR lens dream on hold and start saving up for the iPhone 7 for next year. 
How much would that be? About 50-55k for a 64G probably..
We'll see..

I had temporarily put on hold my want of a Mac air because my godfather brought me a computer  . 
Hmmm I'm being materialistic.
Whatever .. I'm a gadgets sort of girl.. Well for now..

Living here in Manika made me be an upgrade of a want and buy monster.

I still haven't told cat my new business .. Yiiii!
Atleast this would pay for my condo bills .
Bought a huge ass freezer for it.