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Monday, January 26, 2015

Doctor doctor ...

How many times do I have to see the doctor ? 
So okay.. I'm making a huge effort to see the doctor and how many times have I gone to see the doctor ? So many times this month. I went to see the doctor again today.
So.. I have upper respiratory tract infection and then I was given more meds..
So how many pills have I been taking before and after meals now? Too many .
Tomorrow I would be seeing the doctor again .. I have to get some blood tests too.. Thank goodness I wouldn't need to have to fast before the blood chem .

I don't want cat to worry about me about my health so yeah .. I should be doing this for me but I kinda like what he told me last time about him caring about me and that I should take care of myself .. So yeah.. I think he is really going to make a great dad. He's very .. I don't have the right term for it.. He makes me listen to reason .. Very much patient .. And kind .. 
He's very understanding .. And listens to me.. Well most of the time ..
So yeah..
For me he's perfect.. Just perfect :)
As for the other visit to the doctors..
I have to go to one on Friday and then on Saturday  morning ...

I'm tired.  

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Not good :(

Two days ago I was lamenting with my weight because I got fat..
The weighing scale said that my weight was 129 lbs..
And now when I checked .. I lost 5 lbs..
5lbs in two days isn't nice..
No wonder I feel dizzy :( 
I have to get well soon.
I don't want to stay this way .

Off to church meh! 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sick :(

Headache ..
Not good at all.
Sickness please go away.
I feel horrible :(

I am also stressed out.
I need a massage. 


So yeah okay... I am not okay.
I was shaking and shivering last night and it was awful.
I head feels like it's going to split open any second .
I can't eat.. I mean my mouth feels dry and I don't have any appetite .
Sickness please go away.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Guess who's back from France...

Tita Madrei s back!
Can't wait to go to that Cebu trip :)

Speaking of Cebu...
I remember being crazy for someone the last time I went to Cebu.
My x.
Michael 1
Makes me wonder right now what I liked about him .
I can't remember .
I hope he is happy with his life because I sure am happy with mine.
I guess there's a reason why we didn't work out.
I wouldn't have met Cat if things didn't turn out the way they did.
It was meant to be I guess..
I don't know with what or how things are with his life and I don't want to know. I wish him well though. 
No hard feelings. 
I'm so in love with Cat..
I always feel loved .
Cat makes me happy.
My heart feels like bursting .
Cat ..
I feel loved..
I feel wanted and I feel needed.

It's strange though..
Those were the things M1 was looking for . I hope he got those things with the girl who he is in relationship with.
The one who wanted to have their relationship status on FB changed.

It's surprising how things turned out .

It was like a month or a little over a month after things ended with us that Cat appeared in my life .
And now it's nearly two years now that I have known Cat.
I have no regrets with Cat.
My relationship with Cat feels .. Well.. He makes me feel complete.
Wanted.. Loved ..needed ..
He gives me the thing that I want most..
Time .
I feel more loved when I am given time .
That's my language of love.
And he said I make him feel loved which is nice. Even though we both have different languages of love it's really nice that we complement each other. 
We may be very different from each other but we complement each other .
What I lack he makes up with and vice versa.
I'm very blessed to have cat in my life .
So blessed .
Thank you Lord ;)

Stupid is 4ever ^.^

Bought 3 copies.
One for myself.
One for Vince and
The last copy I'm gifting it to Cat.

I braved being in this ocean of people just to get a picture with this awesome person..

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Heart palpitations

I had some sort of heart palpitation for a second or two this afternoon .
Cat wasn't too happy about it.
So okay... 
What can I say?
I can't be very sad or very happy ..
I just need to control how I feel .
I have to check myself to not be too overwhelmed about anything because that's when my chest pains occur.

I went to the doctor this afternoon and I have to return to the clinic early tomorrow  before breakfast . 
So yeah... 
I have to take care of my health.

As cat said.. It's not only for me but for the ones I care for..

I have to be early tomorrow . I need to go to the doctor then go to Makati to buy a book :) I'm so excited .

I should not be too excited .

Oh just one more thing before I try to get some sleep ( yes I'm
Going to try to sleep early tonight)
This is so cool..
White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor .
Like wow..
I'm not a perfume addict in fact I'm
Not into perfumes but I just like how the perfume bottle looks like ..

I love this vanity thingy.. These items on the table are so detailed ..
I am so in like with things like this..
See? This is so French ^.^
How lovely! 

I am happy :)

I just want to do a back flip if I knew how to do that.. But yeah I am going to restrain myself to prevent myself from injuring myself ..


Tuesday, January 20, 2015


This isn't good..
I feel like throwing up again :(

^.^ happy..

So okay.. I'm still feeling bouncy and happy and okay.. Ecstatic with cats surprise . I can't help it.. What can I say? It was a pretty awesome surprise and I never expected it.. *sighs* 
I feel like swooning all over again :)

*swoons* lol

Anyway, I spent some time with mom today.. I also went to get my insurance exam certificate which is really nice. 
Never thought I'd pass that exam. I mean all I just have to do is to find a goal and be positive about it. To aim for one and believe in myself and pray hard and I would achieve what I'm aiming for. So yeah.. It's an awesome feeling .

I'm not smiley here..
I love my OOTD though.. I have to thank mom for the dress again. 
It's weird though.. I wore this once last month and it felt longer now that I wore it today why is it short?
I mean.. Have I grown taller or did ther dress shrink?
Uhmm I don't know.. Maybe the washing machine shrunk it .

Hmmm yeah.. Moms busy with business usual.. But anyway.. I love my mother .. It's nice when we go out together .. :) I like spending time with my mama.